The United States Patent office issued Patent No: US 9,353,972  B2 to Sonshine Development, LLC on May 31, 2016.  This Patent not only covers Heating Water but also HVAC, Drying Clothes, and Heating Water for a Hot Tub or Swimming Pool.

A second Patent has recently been approved.  We will be sending the filing fee in the next few weeks.  This Utility Patent allows us to use our Patent Pending Black Solar Tubing as part of our Solar Spot 7 System.  This means that no one else can use a similar Black Solar Tubing  to make any type of Solar Collector.  Once the Patent is approved for the production of our Black Solar Tubing, we will be able to manufacture it here in the United States.

We also have Patents Pending for our Black Solar Tubing, our 4′ Portable System and our new Brass Fittings for use with the Black Solar Tubing.  The 4′ Portable System was designed for use by Hunters, Off Grid Enthusiasts and by FEMA in case of an Emergency situation that requires both Hot and Fresh Potable Water.  This system can be hooked to the back of a 4 Wheeler and moved anywhere there is a need for Fresh and Hot Potable Water.  The new Brass Fittings were designed with an extra “O” Ring on each end to give double the leak protection of the standard brass fittings on the market today.