Solar Spot 7 Sizes
8 FOOT System
6 FOOT System
4 FOOT Portable System
4 FOOT System
2 FOOT System

The Solor Spot 7

With Five Sizes On the Drawing Board!

Black Solar Tubing

Patent Pending Tubing

Our Patent Pending Black Solar Tubing converts Sunlight into Heat Energy.

Composite Center Piece

Houses the Dual-Axis Controller.


The Solar Spot 7's Controller increases Efficiency from 40% to the mid 90's.


The Actuator Arms are Dust and Waterproof per IP65 and keep the system tracking all day, everyday.

12 volt Actuator Arm

Actuator Arms move the Composite Collector with feedback from the Dual-Axis Controller

Built To Last

The Heavy Steel Construction is designed to last decades.

Steel Base Construction

The steel base keeps the Composite Collector stable on the most windy day.

Temperature Stable

The Composite material helps keep the heat inside, increasing the efficiency of the Collector and does not remove heat from the BSC (Black Solar Coil), keeping the heat on the inside where it belongs.

Composite Collector

The Composite Collector stays cooler on those hot days, keeping the heat inside where it belongs.

Heat Loss

The Insulation keep the amount of Heat Loss to a minimum.

Composite Collector

The Insulation keeps the Heat on the inside where it belongs.

Composite Collector

With Black Solar Coil

Insulated Composite Collector.

Premium 1/4" thick
Low Iron Tempered Glass

The Glass lets Sunlight pass onto the Black Solar Coil and keeps the Heat Energy on the inside where it belongs.

Patent Pending Tubing

The Black Solar Coil converts Sunlight into Heat Energy.

Power Needed.
No External

The Solar Spot 7, with a Zero Carbon Footprint, tracks the Sun from Sunup to Sundown then returns to the "Home Position" and waits for the Sun to return.

Solar Panel

Solar Panel charges the DC Back-Up Battery, keeping the Solar Spot 7 "Active" even during a power outage.

The Solar Spot 7 is an Active Tracking, Dual Axis, Flat Plate, Potable Hydronic, Direct Heat Transfer, Thermal Solar Collection system that effectively solves many problems associated with prior solar collection systems used to heat water.


Its uniqueness includes:

  • No expensive materials required
  • No antifreeze function or antifreeze liquid required
  • No additional tank required
  • No complicated, time consuming production processes required
  • Easy and fast on site installation

The system is completely solar powered with a back-up battery and requires no conventional power source. It delivers full function even during a power outage.

Get Hands On With Sunshine Development Technology

With our Black Solar Tubing, “Active” Dual-Axis Tracking, Differential Temperature Controller, Redundant Safety Temperature Override Control, and Mixing Valve, the Solar Spot 7 is ready to provide you with Decades of Free Heat Energy.

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