The Solar Spot 7 –  The Self Powered Potable Hot Water System.


  • Are you sure that your system will work on my house?
    Our systems will work on any home or business with enough direct Sunlight.
  • Do I have enough exposure to direct sunlight for your system to operate at peak performance?
    We will have to perform a “Site Survey” to determine if there is enough direct sunlight.
  • What size Unit do I need?
    The size will vary depending on what size hot water capacity you need.
  • What is the cost of each size?
  • Call 843-602-8143 for a Price Quote!
  • What size Storage Tank / Hot Water Heater will each size support?
  • 2 Foot System –    20 to   40 Gallon Hot Water Heater or Storage Tank.
  • 4 Foot System –    80 to 100 Gallon Hot Water Heater or Storage Tank.
  • 4 Foot Portable – Two 25 Gallon Tanks – One for Hot Water and One for Potable Drinking Water.
  • 6 Foot System –  100 to 200 Gallon Hot Water Heater or Storage Tank.
  • 8 Foot System –  200 to 400 Gallon Hot Water Heater or Storage Tank.
  • How long will it take for the System to be installed?
    It will normally take no longer than one day to install one of our residential systems once it has been delivered to your home.
  • What happens to the System Efficiency in the Winter?
    Our systems actually perform better in the winter when the air is clear and crisp.  The humidity is much lower in the winter with less moisture to attenuate the sunlight before it reaches our collector.
  • How will it affect the Old System if I have to remove the New System?
    Removing the new system will not have any effect on the old system.
  • Will my HOA allow me to put one of your Systems in my yard?
    That would be up to each individual HOA as to whether or not they would allow their members to put our systems in their yards.  The size and shape of our systems are very similar to Satellite TV Dishes but more attractive.