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The Solar Spot 7 is an Active Tracking, Dual Axis, Flat Plate, Potable Hydronic, Direct Heat Transfer, Thermal Solar Collection system that effectively solves many problems associated with prior solar collection systems used to heat water.

Solar Spot 7 Sizes
8 FOOT System
6 FOOT System
4 FOOT Portable System
4 FOOT System
2 FOOT System

The Solor Spot 7

With Five Sizes On the Drawing Board!

Black Solar Tubing

Patent Pending Tubing

Our Patent Pending Black Solar Tubing converts Sunlight into Heat Energy.

Composite Center Piece

Houses the Dual-Axis Controller.


The Solar Spot 7's Controller increases Efficiency from 40% to the mid 90's.


The Actuator Arms are Dust and Waterproof per IP65 and keep the system tracking all day, everyday.

12 volt Actuator Arm

Actuator Arms move the Composite Collector with feedback from the Dual-Axis Controller

Built To Last

The Heavy Steel Construction is designed to last decades.

Steel Base Construction

The steel base keeps the Composite Collector stable on the most windy day.

Temperature Stable

The Composite material helps keep the heat inside, increasing the efficiency of the Collector and does not remove heat from the BSC (Black Solar Coil), keeping the heat on the inside where it belongs.

Composite Collector

The Composite Collector stays cooler on those hot days, keeping the heat inside where it belongs.

Heat Loss

The Insulation keep the amount of Heat Loss to a minimum.

Composite Collector

The Insulation keeps the Heat on the inside where it belongs.

Composite Collector

With Black Solar Coil

Insulated Composite Collector.

Premium 1/4" thick
Low Iron Tempered Glass

The Glass lets Sunlight pass onto the Black Solar Coil and keeps the Heat Energy on the inside where it belongs.

Patent Pending Tubing

The Black Solar Coil converts Sunlight into Heat Energy.

Power Needed.
No External

The Solar Spot 7, with a Zero Carbon Footprint, tracks the Sun from Sunup to Sundown then returns to the "Home Position" and waits for the Sun to return.

Solar Panel

Solar Panel charges the DC Back-Up Battery, keeping the Solar Spot 7 "Active" even during a power outage.


Have you ever wondered how much Energy the Sun Produces each day.  Well, wonder no more.  Sunlight Striking the Earth’s Surface in Just One Hour Delivers Enough Energy to Power the World Economy for an Entire Year.  We at Sonshine Development have been working for years to perfect a technology that would optimize the conversion of Sunlight to Heat Energy.  Not only have we accomplished that task but we are also getting a Patent on the Black Solar Tubing that makes that possible.  We expect to have it approved by the Patent Office in the next 60 days.  A Patent that allows us to use our Black Solar Tubing in our Solar Spot 7 Systems was recently approved.  This Patent gives us and only us the right to use this Black Solar Tubing in any type Solar Collection System.  We have also filed for another Patent that would give us the right to Manufacture this Black Solar Tubing here in the United States for use in our Solar Spot 7 Systems.

Patent Pending “Black Solar Tubing”


One of our partners owns a small manufacturing facility.  He has enough extra room there for us to produce 50 Solar Spot 7 units per week.  That comes to a total of 2,600 units per year that we can produce before we outgrow this facility. Selling those units would give us a gross income of $15,600,000.


A typical clothes dryer uses an electrical heat element to heat the air temperature up to 150 degrees. The Solar Spot 7 could provide the same heat energy through a heat exchanger just like a car heater core. By installing a small heat exchanger and pumping heated water trough it, (some of the refrigerator evaporators fit perfectly into the heat chamber of a dryer), heat can be extracted into the dryer to dry clothes. To add more function to the clothes dryer, dual heat chambers could be mounted and a selector between electric or solar could be added. That would allow continuous function with the added feature of savings.


Our Black Solar Tubing cost much less than copper.  Even though metal has 30 times the heat absorption rate of plastic, the high thermal mass of water allows our Black Solar Tubing to absorb heat virtually as fast as metal. Our Black Solar Coil  is also installed as a one piece unit with single inlet and exit water connections external of the collector unit (no internal connectors to fail) There are no absorption plate solder joints to break because of constant temperature change and no seals to deteriorate as in encapsulated solar tubes. It does not require antifreeze fluids or freeze protection beyond the collector enclosure and the pipe wrap outside. Because it uses a direct loop to the water heater, an additional tank is not required. It does not require long term or expensive maintenance


The following info was borrowed from the EPA website:

“Space heating is a major use of energy in buildings nationwide. Recent data suggest that space heating accounts for about 42 percent of energy use in U.S. residences and about 36 percent of energy use in U.S. commercial buildings.

Homeowners spend an estimated $73 billion or 29 percent of their total energy-related expenditures on space heating alone, whereas commercial buildings spend more than $27 billion or 15 percent annually. The dominant fuel used for space heating tends to be natural gas, however; some regions of the country use other fuels widely. For example, natural gas utilities tend not to serve most rural areas, and large parts of the Northeast do not have natural gas coverage. Many customers in these areas use heating oil or propane.

In 2010, space heating in the residential sector produced an estimated 324 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, with commercial buildings adding an additional 161 million metric tons per year.

Requirements for heating systems depend on the size and complexity of the spaces that need to be heated.”

At Sonshine Development, LLC, we have designed all of our Solar Spot 7 Systems to have Zero Carbon Footprints  and our Black Solar Tubing Converts Sunlight to Heat Energy without the use of any Fossil Fuels.  Although we, at the present time are only concentrating on Heating Water, our Solar Spot 7 Systems can and will be used for “Space Heating” in Phase II of our R & D and Marketing Plan.


In personal testing, our Black Solar Tubing was subject to different temperatures well above boiling (264 degrees F), under pressure (70 psi), and below freezing repeatedly for 5 years without damage. When the pressure was released during the test at 264 F, the absorption backing (at that time the backing was made of black plastic bags) melted due to the sudden convection released. The water popped and cracked (believed to be steam) as it moved through the pipe. The exit pipe insulating wrap had an odor of melting as the heated water moved through the pipe. In another test, our Black Solar Tubing was allowed to face the sun, with 70 psi of water pressured applied, while the temperature reached over 300 F before the outer portion of the pipe failed, but it still held the water without immediate rupture.  Months later, the exposed pipe failed, allowing water leakage. In another test with a larger collector unit, the enclosed collector was allowed to stagnate in the middle of a clear February day. The exit pipe was connected to a short garden hose with a metal rubber coated sprayer. The inlet hose was a short garden hose connected to a water outlet at 70 psi with an input water temperature of approximately 50 F. The outside ambient temperature was approximately 68 F. With an infrared thermometer pointing to the tip of the rubber covered metal sprayer, the pressure was released. Immediately, the temperature jumped from 73 F to 140 F. Within 3 seconds, the water temperature increased from 140 to 206. Then the steam came, melted the water hose from the sprayer handle, scalded my arm from my wrist to elbow and caused the observers to run to a safer distance. For the next minute, steam exited the hose and caused it to violently swing back and forth. The grass root system where the steam exited from the garden hose was killed, and a bare spot developed well into the summer months. And there was absolutely no damage to our Black Solar Tubing.


The Solar Spot 7 avoids many problems of the prior art including labor intensity, manufacturing complexity and failure in the field. It uses inexpensive materials that have been proven for decades for the reliability in other applications. It does not require precise manufacturing procedures minimizing error and recall. It has been studied by our team and tested since 2006. It is so simple to build and install that it does not require highly trained workers. It can be built manually with 1 person, or it can be massed produced many times over with high tech machinery. It requires little if any maintenance, and has a life expectancy that will pay for the retail cost many times over. When installed properly, there are few concerns if any of failure in any climate or condition.

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